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Africa's Cost Effective Vehicle Shipping Specialists
Worldwide specialist vehicle auto shipping services to Africa.

Car Shipping Services to Africa

At Africa Auto Shippers all we do is organise the transport and shipping of vehicles to destination ports in Africa, and where services are available from Africa to over 2700 worldwide destinations.

Types Of Vehicle Shipping

Ro-Ro - roll on • roll off services. Probably now the most cost effective way of shipping vehicles. These modern purpose built and specialist vessels are specifically designed for the purpose of shipping vehicles.

All transport, be they cars, trucks, SUV's and 4x4's are driven directly onto the ships, safely secured on their dedicated decks safely for their voyage.

20 foot container & 40 foot container. Dry containers (Dry Vans or DV). The most frequently used vehicle shipping containers are either 20' or 40'. These we use when a client make seek a destination not serviced by the normal ro-ro service.
With these we secure your vehicle in it's own container. The container is security sealed once loaded and remains sealed until Customs inspection on arrival at your West African destination port.

Shipping Of Marine Craft

Boat and yacht shipping services are an increasing part of the services we now offer our clients.

Our top car and vehicle shipping destinations for 2010 have been:

Tracking Your Shipment

All our vehicle shipments are able to be tracked on-line in real time by you, our client.

Africa Auto Shippers

K.G.Hill trading as Africa Auto Shippers